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Wicked Women is a podcast dedicated to the ladies who have made history for their dastardly deeds, or their threatening femininity. Men seem to get all of the credit when it comes to True Crime. We felt it was time to highlight some of the women who are quite simply horrible human beings, as well as those whose only crime was speaking their truth. Which inevitably scared the hell out of their community. We know Wicked comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Who are these Wicked Women?


Gretchen Upshaw | Creator of Wicked Women

Host and Creator: Gretchen Upshaw  

Sun in Sagittarius, Leo Rising, Cancer Moon


Gretchen is a Texan who loves true crime and the paranormal. She grew up watching In Search Of and America’s Most Wanted. She looks at license plates, is anxious around a stranger’s ice chest, and refuses to soak in a hotel bathtub.

Adrianna Canabal, Co-host of Wicked Women

Cohost: Adrianna Canabal 

Sun in Sagittarius, Capricorn Rising, Aquarius Moon

Adrianna is a mildly-spiced Puerto Rican who loves true crime. An INFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality scale, she likes to spend her evenings knitting and watching old Forensic Files episodes. She’s terrified of being murdered and has narrowly avoided death on more than one occasion.  

Cohost: Sarah Drago 

Sun in Taurus, Libra Rising, Capricorn Moon

Sarah is a Louisiana native with a penchant for poison. She was raised in the real-life setting of True Detective, where she fancies herself a writer. She sleeps with three locks on her door. 




Wicked Women is a Ghost City Tours Production.

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