Gretchen Upshaw

Episode Eight: For Him the Belle Tolls

Her murder farm held the answers to the disappearance of dozens. Belle Gunness had an axe to grind, quite literally. What possessed this serial killer to take the lives of so many? Greed? Anger? Or was she just a plain old psychopath? Learn why Belle Gunness is known as the “Female Bluebeard.” 

Episode Seven: Hear Me Roar

When a spouse disappears, the partner is always first to suspect. But what about when the spouse has their fair share of enemies and unsavory hobbies? Don disappears, a rival goes over the top, and Carole seems to get a raw deal. Mystery and crazy makes a good story. But what about the truth?

Episode Six: You Axed. Clementine Continued

Were the axe murders that rocked Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas the work of one deranged bloodthirsty individual? Or was it a group effort driven by dark forces and a mysterious macabre faith? In Episode One, we explored Clementine Barnabet, Louisiana’s Voodoo Axe Murderer, and discovered more questions than answers. In Episode Six: You Axed – Clementine Continued, we find more victims. And more questions. Was Clementine a murderer guided by dark forces? Or was there a copy cat killer crossing state lines?

Episode Five: Who’s on the Barbie?

She slaughters animals for a living, covets her knife collection, and is an aspiring chef. Meet Katherine Knight, Australia’s first woman to be sentenced to life without parole.

Episode Four: A Witch by Any Other Name

“The duchess’s well-known ambition and fascination with necromancy and witchcraft” got her in all sorts of trouble.

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