Podcast Episodes

Episode 16: A Rumble in the Jungle Part 1

Her contributions to conservation and primatology can not be denied, but Dian Fossey is anything but a hero for many. She has been called the “last white colonizer” and some feel she should be wiped from textbooks. Was Dian Fossey a tyrant and terrorist? Or did she just lose herself in the mists of Rwanda?  Discover the woman who changed the world’s view on conservation, and possibly murdered for her heavy-handed demands. 

Episode 15: Get Your Jollies

She was known as a “master of vices” with a “morbid imagination.” Jane’s macabre fascination with the fine line between life and death did more than pique her interest. It lasciviously excited her. A nurse by trade and mortal mixologist for fun, her morphine and atropine cocktails were garnished with a squeeze of “moral insanity.” Meet Jolly Jane Toppan.

Episode 14: Bobbed It

She came to the land of opportunity as a young woman, naive and eager, determined to succeed. And she did. But not without learning a very hard lesson… Lorena’s story is gut wrenching, her action was wicked. Was the deed deserved? Her tale is proof some will never change.

Episode 13: Eat Your Puddin’

A little scripture and a splash of arsenic are the secret ingredients in Blanche’s famous Banana Pudding. She’s been on death row for thirty years, North Carolina’s oldest death row inmate, and one of only two women currently condemned to death in the state. Is Blanche Taylor Moore a cold-blooded killer? Or just a misunderstood victim of male adoration… 

Episode 12: The Dance of the Seven Veils

Her exotic looks and sensual dance captivated audiences. She continued to capitalize on her sex appeal even after the music stopped. Who was Mata Hari? A WWI double agent? Or was her bold female prowess simply a threat to wartime strategies?

Episode 11: Bang Bang

She is known as one half of the notorious and legendary outlaw duo, Bonnie and Clyde. Did Bonnie do it all for love, or was she motivated by fame? Maybe it was a little both. One thing is for certain, Bonnie Parker deserves her own place in history’s spotlight. 

Episode Ten: Om No

Join Anne Hamilton-Byrne’s Family and get dosed with LSD, take some yoga, and be protected when the aliens show up to rid the earth of evil. Your only contribution is a child.

Episode Nine: Rhymes with Witch

What happens when you have a warlock for a father and mother convicted of attempted murder? You get Brookey Lee West – convicted of one murder and suspect in a few more. So how many people did Brookey Lee West actually kill? And who is in the trash can?

Episode Eight: For Him the Belle Tolls

Her murder farm held the answers to the disappearance of dozens. Belle Gunness had an axe to grind, quite literally. What possessed this serial killer to take the lives of so many? Greed? Anger? Or was she just a plain old psychopath? Learn why Belle Gunness is known as the “Female Bluebeard.” 

Episode Seven: Hear Me Roar

When a spouse disappears, the partner is always first to suspect. But what about when the spouse has their fair share of enemies and unsavory hobbies? Don disappears, a rival goes over the top, and Carole seems to get a raw deal. Mystery and crazy makes a good story. But what about the truth?

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