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Episode Six: You Axed. Clementine Continued

Were the axe murders that rocked Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas the work of one deranged bloodthirsty individual? Or was it a group effort driven by dark forces and a mysterious macabre faith? In Episode One, we explored Clementine Barnabet, Louisiana’s Voodoo Axe Murderer, and discovered more questions than answers. In Episode Six: You Axed – Clementine Continued, we find more victims. And more questions. Was Clementine a murderer guided by dark forces? Or was there a copy cat killer crossing state lines?

Episode Five: Who’s on the Barbie?

She slaughters animals for a living, covets her knife collection, and is an aspiring chef. Meet Katherine Knight, Australia’s first woman to be sentenced to life without parole.

Episode Four: A Witch by Any Other Name

“The duchess’s well-known ambition and fascination with necromancy and witchcraft” got her in all sorts of trouble.

Episode Three: Czech It Out

What do you get when you take a fake teenager, a doctor, a cult, and two sisters?

Episode Two: Join the Club

In 19th Century Britain, a lot of people were dying. And death was a big business. Unless you were the one who died.

Episode One: Don’t Axe Me Again

Before the New Orleans Axeman, there was another slayer brutally tormenting the Bayou: Clementine Barnabet.

Trailer: Wicked Women

Take a walk on the Wicked side. When it comes to true crime, men tend to get all of the glory.

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